Founded in 2013 by Master Trainer Jackie Sizemore, YouniquelyFit™ brings you the convenience of YouniquelyFit™ Personal Training, Pilates, and Yoga to the comfort of your home, apartment, office, or outdoor space. After assessing your posture and contraindications, YouniquelyFit's™ highly certified team then tailors a program for you, helping you meet your goals in a safe and sustainable manner. An in-home YouniquelyFit™ session is one hour and is suitable for men, women, and children of all ages and fitness levels.


Personal Training

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YouniquelyFit™ Personal Training sessions are tailored to your posture and contraindications, moving through all planes of motion for improvement in functional movement and injury prevention.


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YouniquelyFit™ Pilates workouts strengthens and lengthens your entire body, while flattening and toning your abdomen.


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YouniquelyFit™ Yoga sessions are tailored to your posture and contraindications, helping you unwind and reconnect with yourself.

“The training is truly uniquely fitted to your needs and accelerated or decelerated based on how you are doing and whether you want to or not. This is the difference between buying a dress that is mass-produced vs. getting a custom fitted gown!!”