#3 Transverse Abdominis and Flat Back Posture

The transverse abdominis, the deepest layer of your core, is imperative to train if you possess Flat Back Posture (an overactive back chain and posterior tilt in your pelvic position). The reason being is that the TVA (transverse abdominis) will protect the lower back from being injured.  

How do you train your TVA?  

Use a stability device such as a foam roller or stability ball to help your TVA fire and use correct Pilates breathing.  To learn how to execute proper Pilates breathing try this: sit in a comfortable position with one hand on your rib cage and the other on your belly button. Inhale through your nose and direct the air to both your side body and back body, not your belly. Then, pull your navel toward your spine and lift up internally on your pelvic floor muscles (the muscles that stop your stream of pee) and exhale all the air out your mouth, while simultaneously sustaining this internal lift of the pelvic floor muscles. Make sure your exhale is audible and it sounds like you are fogging up a window or warming your hands with your breath.

Have lower back pain?

If you have lower back pain, this simple breathing exercise to strengthen the TVA can be done in bed before you get up, or at the office when you have been seated for long periods of time. I recommend ten sets taking five counts to inhale and five counts to exhale the air out, maintaining that pelvic floor lift.

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