#12 Psoas and Flat Back Posture

If you have Flat Back Posture (an overactive back chain with a posterior tilt in the pelvis) your psoas is underactive. Before you can begin strength work for these muscles you must stretch them. They are often incredibly tight from the seated posture we assume everyday. To stretch your psoas, grab a chair and sit sideways in a supported lunge. Lift your back arm up bringing the bicep up to your ear while simultaneously bending your torso toward the chair into lateral flexion. Hold this stretch for a full minute on each side.


After you have stretched out your hip flexors (psoas muscles) you can then begin strength work. Here are some notes to give yourself as you set up for each set of your selected exercises: 

  • Make sure your pelvis is in an anterior tilt (arched, or tipped back). This will allow you to find your psoas without recruiting your overactive gluts and hamstrings.
  • Once you have the pelvic position you can begin your strength exercises.

Get to work!

Select three different exercises for the psoas. Spend one minute doing unilateral (single leg work) on your non-dominant leg and then one minute using both legs for each exercise.  If the exercise must be executed unilaterally, do twice as many sets on the non-dominant side. Repeat this unilateral and double leg psoas work for 2 to 3 sets. A set is one minute, or 8-12 slow reps.

Take your time.  

Inhale to prepare and exhale on the effort pulling your belly button in towards your spine and lifting in and up on your pelvic floor muscles (the muscles that stop your stream of pee) to contract your transverse abdominis (the deepest layer of your core) which protects your lower back.  

For specific psoas strength exercises, visit YouniquelyFit's Instragam or book a complimentary consultation today.