"Jackie is a superb physical trainer, knowledgeable about muscle anatomy and function, skilled in different forms of exercise, and full of joyful enthusiasm for her work. Now, at 70 years old, I feel better than I have at any time in the past decade. Jackie's regimens have been patiently tailored to my needs for improvement in strength, overall balance, cardiovascular fitness and my desire to be pain-free at golf. We have succeeded, and I cannot imagine continuing without her."

— Gerald D. Fischbach, M.D. 
    Dean Emeritus Faculties of Medicine Columbia University

"Two years ago, at age 53, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and osteoporosis of the spine and hips. Following a successful surgery, my endocrinologist recommended that I pursue weight and resistance training. Since that time, I feel so incredibly fortunate to have met Jackie. As a result of Jackie's expert training, her knowledge of physiology, and hands-on guidance, the T-Score for my spine went from -3.0 (osteoporosis) to 1.0 (normal bone density). I owe this dramatic improvement in my health to my bi-weekly training sessions with Jackie. After two years of training with Jackie, my flexibility, agility, and muscle tone has noticeably improved and my once constant back pain has disappeared. I highly recommend Jackie's YouniquelyFit™ Personal Training to anyone desiring to get into the best physical shape of their lives."

— Susan Acheson
    Office Manager
    Acheson Doyle Partners Architects

Amazing level of service ~ the CEO did my assessment and first training session. Looking forward to experiencing the next sessions and meeting my trainer..

— Bernice G.


"Jackie has extensive knowledge as a personal trainer but above all, she has a spirit and enthusiasm that is magical. All I can say is that what ever I do or accomplish is a reflection of Jackie's powers of motivation and skill. I want to succeed and improve for myself, of course, but for her as well. Her dedication to her field makes our workouts hard to resist. She's encouraging and knows just how hard to push you to get you to the next level. We are a good team and I am impressed with my increased strength and abilities all of which I attribute to her."

— Ruth L. Fischbach, PhD, MPE
    Professor of Bioethics
    Director of the Center for Bioethics Columbia Univ. College of Physicians & Surgeons

"When I found Jackie, I had reached a complete standstill in my workout routine. I was spending too much time at work, and had completely lost the motivation to improve or even maintain my fitness. My first session with Jackie was difficult, but encouraging. Although I struggled through it, she was so motivating and patient that I was excited to continue. Over the next few months, Jackie was a firm, inspiring and friendly coach. I became stronger, more flexible, and more toned. I remember trying a new yoga class a couple of months into my training and noticing a marked improvement in my yoga practice, due to my improved all-round muscle strength. All along the way, Jackie was extremely attentive to my specific goals and helped me to progress at a steady and challenging pace."

— Anita Jones
    Vice President
    Barclays Financial Services

"Jackie is a talented, knowledgeable and reliable trainer -- and a wonderful person. I wasn't sure if training at home with limited equipment would work, but it does with Jackie! Her exercises are varied, so sessions stay interesting and challenging. She is currently helping me stay fit during my pregnancy, and I am counting on her to help me get back in shape after delivery."

— Cathy Muller Fletcher
    Managing Director
    Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

"Jackie is an exceptional trainer and motivator. Our workouts by the Hudson and in my building’s gym have provided me, a mother of three, with time to de-stress and clear my mind for the day. It is a joy to work with such an upbeat, knowledgeable trainer."

— Alexandra von Ferstel
    Chief Counsel
    Marsh McLennan Agency